Refrigeration and Air Conditioning

///Refrigeration and Air Conditioning

B.Voc in Refrigerator & Air Conditioning is a three year degree level course which aims to bring out the professionals who are skilled in Refrigerator & Air Conditioning to the job market.

B.VOC in Refrigeration & Air Conditioning will give the students an upper hand in comparison to others, as they will receive additional specialized training. One of the major advantages is that the course will provide enough awareness of various new technologies in the Air Conditioning & Refrigeration field. Also it provides special training in installation, preventive services of appliances (AC, Refrigerator) etc. This course helps to understand careful handling of tools required in installation and repairing and also the steps involved in replacing dysfunctional module in the appliance (AC, Refrigerator). The result of these specialized training includes the ability to confirm functionality of the repaired unit, to install and carry out preventive service and proper understanding of safety measures.

Eligibility Criteria:10 +2 in any stream

Course Duration:3-year program (2semesters per year)

Examination Type: Semester wise



This course will definitely cater guaranteed job at different FMCD& Electrical sectors with stipend in all semester till the end.

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