Additional Skill Acquisition Programme

Kerala, traditionally known for its high quality man power spread all over the World and with a high density of science and technology personnel, have always set a model for the nation in developmental issues. The realization of the fact that its unemployed population kept swelling despite having a rich talent pool, made it think and devise ways to counter the trend.  It is in this context that the Additional Skills Acquisition Programme (ASAP) has been developed  to impart sector specific skills to create a labour market ready work force.

The students studying at Government and Government Aided Higher Secondary Schools and at the Arts and Science Undergraduate Colleges will be equipped with sector specific skills to make them employable.


1. SMILE (Skill Mentorship for Innovative Life Experience)

This is three days programme. The motto behind this programme is to give awareness and career guidance into the automobile sector for the children of 11th standard so that it will help them to chose their higher studies after 12th.

2. Summer Skill Skooling

  • Automotive Service Technician
  • Automotive Engine Repair Technician
  • Automotive Service Advisor

3. Regular

  • Automotive Engine Repair Technician